About the Authors:

Paul R. Levy is the founding chief executive of Philadelphia’s Center City District (CCD), serving in that capacity since January 1991. The CCD is a business improvement district with an annual operating budget of $20 million, providing security, cleaning, place marketing, and planning services for the central business district of Philadelphia; CCD has also overseen more than $120 million in downtown streetscape and park capital improvements. Mr. Levy also serves as executive director of Central Philadelphia Development Corporation. He holds an MA and Ph.D. in history from Columbia University and an undergraduate degree from Lafayette College and teaches at the graduate school of the University of Pennsylvania in the City Planning Department.

Lauren M. Gilchrist is the Manager of Research & Analysis for Philadelphia’s Center City District. Prior to joining the CCD in 2012, she worked extensively in the federal statistical and labor market information systems at the state and national levels, completing research, training, and advocacy efforts to enhance workforce and economic data quality and access. Ms. Gilchrist is a graduate of the Pittsburgh Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs and holds an MS in Public Policy & Management from the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University and a BS in Business Administration from Bucknell University.

This research was developed, written, and graphically designed by the Center City District in Philadelphia, PA. The project team, the majority of whose time was donated to this work, included:

  • Paul R. Levy, President & CEO
  • Lauren M. Gilchrist, Manager of Research & Analysis
  • Richard Citkowicz, GIS Analyst
  • Casandra Dominguez, Manager of Business Retention & Retail Attraction
  • Linda Harris, Director of Communications & Publications
  • Frederick Ohrenschall, Research Assistant
  • Abigail Saggi, Graphic Designer
  • Bonnie Thompson, Director of Web Development & Interactive Marketing
  • RJ White, Manager of Interactive Marketing